For week 1 we bring you 10 songs all from current bands wheeling and dealing to keep the dream alive. If you like what you hear, please purchase their music or merchandise from their respective websites. Spotify is a wonderful tool for discovery, but the sad reality is that artists make next to nothing from streaming websites; We're talking micro-cents on the dollar.  Help us keep everyone happy, because a world with out music sounds very sad and the soul is always in the underground. 

NAVY GANGS: facebook. // website.

LA LUZ: facebook. // website.

MOONWALKS: facebook. // website.

BOYTOY: facebook. // website.

CAPTAIN SUUN: facebook. // website.

LAS ROSAS: facebook. // website. // merch.

OUZO BAZOOKA: facebook. // website.

STRINGER: facebook. // website.

THE NUDE PARTY: facebook. // website.

SCOTT YODER: facebook. // website.